The One When I Introduce Myself

Dear Friends,


My name is Genevieve but I have grown up being called Gennie, I’m twenty years old and I currently live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by endless miles of green grass, brown fields and hay filled countryside. Welcome to my world!

Like everyone I wanted to make a New Year’s resolution that I for once be able to stick to and keep working on until the beginning of next year. I made a list of the things I wanted to achieve this year and found two resolutions that I would easily be able to stick with. The first New Year’s resolution I made was to find something that would help me to lose weight easily and healthily after five years of being oblivious to just how heavy I was; right now I can tell you that it hasn’t been easy to stay motivated and why should it be easy? If it was as easy to lose the weight as it is to put the weight on then it wouldn’t be a challenge that would keep me motivated or give me something to be proud of when I successfully achieve my goals.

The second New Year’s resolution I made was to start a blog. I did consider creating a vlog channel on YouTube because I would have the time to film and edit the vlog but because I enjoy doing creative activities such as drawing and writing and I want to be able to express myself in that way, I was far more excited by the idea of challenging myself to post a blog update every day for a year and see where it goes from there. The main reason I find a blog more appealing is because there is no limit to what I can write about and there won’t be any deadlines for when things need to be posted on my blog.

I did attempt to start a blog through Tumblr with the same intentions about six months ago; I felt confident in the idea of being a blogger and being creative with no limitations. I didn’t have any doubts in my mind until I had my first blog update ready to be posted onto my account. After editing the post for a few days and having the mouse hovering over the post icon, I realised that there was something holding me back from starting my blog. It wasn’t so much about the content of my blog post because it was simply introducing myself to the world of blogging but no amount of over editing would take away the fears of the “what if” questions filling my head with doubts. What if no one read or even glanced at my blog? What if it wasn’t good or interesting enough? What if it doesn’t stand out from all the other blogs on Tumblr?

The “what ifs” eventually knocked the wind out of my sails, I decided against starting my blog that day. Now that I think about the decision I made; I think in a way I knew deep down that to feel confident in blog I needed to do something that would make me feel confident in myself. That flame of confidence would be ignited in my first New Year’s resolution; I needed to take some time to focus on myself and lose weight before I could even consider starting my blog. Since making that decision, I’ve lost almost four stone in weight and gained ounces of confidence in the process.

It’s been a long road but there are still more miles to travel on my journey but I’m not really ready for it to end just yet. Maybe writing my blog will help me along the journey?

Thanks for reading,




5 thoughts on “The One When I Introduce Myself

  1. New to your blog, and I can just say “Stay strong!” Lot’s of goodluck on your journey, hope you keep being motivated on both, your weight loss journey and on continuing your blog! 😄


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