Orlando Shooting

Dear Friends,


It’s been four days since the news of the Orlando Massacre broke, and from the moment it spread across social media, the reaction to something happening so close to home for all of us has been immeasurable. I don’t remember a moment in the short time I’ve been walking the Earth, when there has been this kind of response for such a devastating moment. I hope in some ways the support lets the families effected believe that there is hope and not everyone has the same beliefs as this one person.

A big part of the reaction to the shooting is shock and anger; mostly because people don’t think something so devastating can happen so close to home and feel so personal all over the world, whether a loved one was a victim, a survivor, or not involved at all. There has been an amazing outpouring of love and support from the most accepting and welcoming community in the world; even people who haven’t always accepted the LGBT community have shown their support to a certain extent. I understand why the rest of the world are showing so much support in response to the shooting in such a big way, but I do have to wonder what will happen in a few months. What will happen when the rest of the world has started to move on from this tragedy?

Ranting about what’s happened in Orlando on social media isn’t going to do much, because the people who need or want to know your opinion will always read or feel the emotion behind your words. How many more times can we feel shock, mourn for the families, change our profile pictures on social media, move on with our lives and wait for the next terrorist attack to happen for us to start this process over again? Why are we allowing these acts to become so normal that we wake up each morning almost expecting the next tragedy to happen?

Using G4S as a scapegoat is not going to help the people effected so severely, they already know who to blame for this. The only person to blame in this is the Orlando shooter, a lone wolf extremist, who will never have to explain himself to anyone, he will never have to explain to the victim’s parents why they have NO CHOICE but to lay their children to rest before they’ve had a chance to live their lives to the fullest. He will never have to explain himself to the survivors, who are going to have to live with the devastating and irreversible damage caused by his hands for the rest of their lives.

Isn’t it about time America stood together and changed the second amendment? Why should someone who has been investigated by the FBI three times be allowed to buy an assault rifle just as easily as walking into a supermarket? Why can you put someone on the no fly list but you can’t stop them from buying a gun in five minutes at a gun show? Why is it changing gun rights wasn’t talked about after Christina Grimmie was killed?





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