In response to the daily prompt Admire.


Admire. It’s a six letter word that holds more meaning than can be expressed in a page.

In my life I admire people for many different reasons; I admire people who are confident enough to tell the world who they really are and ignore the judgement they may receive, I admire people who achieve great things, I admire authors like J.K.Rowling, I admire people, like my Granddad, who can step into a parental role without over thinking it, I admire people who have survived a disease when all the odds were stacked against them. I admire people who do things for selfish reasons instead of doing it for other people.

I don’t mean this in a bitter way, but I think it’s very clear that I admire the people who have been able to do things that I couldn’t dream of achieving, even if I had really wanted to. I am one of those people who drifts from dream to dream and never actually achieves any of them because there is and will always be someone out there who has achieved the same dream. I know that I will never be able to live up to the what they did. There’s always a next time.

Through my teenage years especially, I admired people who went on a tv show like the biggest loser, lost more than half their weight in less than a year and were able to maintain the loss. At the time I wanted to be one of those people who were able to achieve the one thing that no one thought they would; I admired them for being brave enough to go on international television and announce to the world that they were ready to change. I admired the contestants because at the time there wasn’t a chance in hell of me doing the same.

On January 1, 2016, I decided that it was about time I started admiring myself for things that I have overcome to get to where I am now. I decided that if no one else was going to admire what I had done in loosing weight then I would. It might sound very selfish and conceited, but yes I admire the fact that I have finally overcome my biggest obstacle.

I’d rather admire myself then a stranger’s world through the eye of social media any day of the week.




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