In response to the daily post Dramatic.

Why, oh why, does the word dramatic have to have more than one definition in the English dictionary? Were they trying to make the word literally dramatic by giving it so many definitions? Or did the definition writers decide to use all four and call it a day instead of just picking one?

I, like many women in this world, have a very dramatic way of expressing my emotions, because whether I am feeling possessive, bitter and jealous because an ex-partner has moved onto to another person or feeling a mixture of happiness and sadness at the end of a romantic movie that leaves me wondering why aren’t real life men exactly the same as the characters we fall in with through cleverly planned out lines in a script. I won’t hold back on getting the desired effect with my emotions. Pouting and fluttering my eyelashes usually works if all else fails at getting me out trouble.

I am not the kind of person who suffers from “emotional diarrhoea”; unfortunately that’s what my twenty-four year old brother is quite well-known for. I like to keep a very firm lid on my emotions until it builds up inside me and the slightest little thing will make me explode in anger. Something not dissimilar to the very stressed and occasionally ungrateful and spoilt brides in the TV show ‘Bridezilla’.

I really want to say that men don’t express their emotions quite as easily as women, but given that we have programmes like Big Brother, the X Factor, The Voice, and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, I can’t. In something my Granddad calls “emotional diarrhoea”; men are now just as dramatic when expressing their emotions as women are. And unfortunately I think that men my age are slightly worse at not holding back their emotions, they don’t seem to understand that you have to go through stages of whatever the emotion is to get the desired effect, otherwise what’s the point in trying?

No wonder some men and women are so wary of being involved in any kind of drama when making friends or going on a date. Honestly, life is probably better when any kind of drama is avoided.




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