My response to the Daily Prompt Cravings

Cravings, a powerful desire for something. A dieters worst nightmare in the process of trying to lose weight. It isn’t worth going into battle against cravings, because they always win in the end.


Cravings are only ever something you get to be guilt free of when you’re pregnant; no body bats an eyelid when a pregnant woman eats a whole bar of chocolate. But when you are an overweight woman, like myself, who even thinks about eating a square of chocolate everyone says, “Are you sure you should be eating that?”

Normally, I don’t say anything but sometimes I want to tell them that yes, my diet says I shouldn’t be eating this, but cravings for chocolate are far more important than what my diet says. So, kindly shut up and let me get on with my day.

Growing up I never had cravings for anything that would be considered a fruit — oranges, apples, grapes and strawberries were not on my list of things I couldn’t stop eating. Usually if there was a piece of fruit in my lunchbox it would probably be in the trash before I could think about whether I actually wanted it or not. That probably explains why I am useless when it comes to dieting and giving things up.

I’ve always craved the things that I was deprived of. So, essentially everything that my Granddad has deemed is no good for me and will not be going anywhere near our house. I think he thought that I wouldn’t crave the bad foods if they weren’t the house; but I can tell you categorically he was very wrong. My cravings grew in intensity and very often I had withdrawal symptoms if I couldn’t get my hands on a bag of Minstrels.

My cravings aren’t so bad now that I’m older. I can convince my mind that I don’t need a more to share bag of Minstrels, but that doesn’t mean to say that I can convince my cravings of the same thing. I’ve gone two weeks without having any Minstrels, and today my cravings for a sweet treat became too much for me to ignore. I bought four bags of Minstrels to not share with anyone else. By the time nine o’clock rolls around tonight, which is when my cravings are at their worst, I will have eaten more than half a packet of them.

Although I would love to do something about not craving Minstrels; it’s not something that I can expect to be able to do in reality. Simply because Amazon isn’t going to do anything about not selling them; no that I would ever ask them to do that because I dread to think what I would become if I didn’t have a packet stashed in my bedside draw.




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