My response to the Daily Prompt Paint 


Is it just me or is being able to pain a skill that only certain people have? I’m sure that there are some people who are able to paint with very little effort, they can pick up a paintbrush, dip it in some paint and create a world-class masterpiece. They don’t really have to think about what they’re going to paint, it just so happens that magic spreads through their fingers and the paint comes to life on the canvas. I am not jealous of those people in the slightest, nope, not at all.

Why would I be jealous of being able to paint? (I am very jealous.)

I am one of the billion people in this world who cannot paint no matter how hard I try. It would be pointless for me to even try to paint; my art teacher told me that I should avoid coming into contact with any kind of paint and paintbrushes. I tried to redecorate my bedroom by painting it sky blue a few years ago and I was very proud of it until it was pointed out to me that you could still see streaks of yellow from my wallpaper, which was oh so helpful when I had no cans of light blue paint left. So, I think that’s a very valid reason for me to be jealous of people who can paint.

One of my favourite hobbies is drawing. I mostly draw Marvel Superheroes and Disney cartoons. From a young age I’ve loved drawing all kinds of things; but at the age of fourteen I discovered that I’m very good at drawing Disney cartoons and Marvel Superheroes. So much so that I showed my Aunt a drawing of RabChhlj-kWIAAEpWu.jpg-largebit from Winnie the Pooh and she didn’t believe me when I said that I’d drawn it; she thought I’d traced it or coloured it in. (I still don’t know if she believes that I drew Rabbit myself.)

There are a lot of unopened tubes of paint that were probably never going to be used but looked nice when I bought them, lying around my house for two reasons. Firstly my although my Granddad used to work as an advertiser, he’s colourblind, which means that he sees colours like red as a completely different colour to what I see as the colour red. So, the chances of him ever touching a tube of paint to teach me something that would go some way to improving my painting skills are pretty much sealed as non-existent.

But when I do actually want help with painting in general he can’t help me very much so I have given up on hoping that I’ll ever be able to paint whenever and whatever I want to. It’s probably for the best that I don’t try to paint anymore because the last time I really tried to paint something was at school, it was an alien and it came out looking like a four-year old had painted it. (I was fourteen and the alien was pink and really badly drawn/painted hearts for antenna and eyes.)





3 thoughts on “Paint

  1. Art is subjective and your sketches were so well drawn.
    I have ‘zoes creative craft and art club’ on fb and you may love it to rediscover arty things.


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