My response to the Daily Prompt: Obsessed



Obsession, a noun with two definitions, firstly the state of being obsessed with someone or something, and secondly an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind. As a child I remember being obsessed with all kinds of things (Pokemon, Tamagotchis, Neopets, Scoobies, Harry Potter), because as a child liking the enjoyment you get from something so much so that it is borderline obsessive is completely normal. It’s something that a child will grow out of because their interests change as their minds and personalities develop.

But when does that obsession cross the line and become something it shouldn’t have ever become? How far do you have to step across that line? When does healthy become dangerous?

The best and most dangerous example I can think of is the way some people view weight in the modern world. When I was younger being a size zero wasn’t as bigger deal as it is now, sure there were people who wanted to slim down to be sexy and feel good about themselves; but as far as I remember it wasn’t the most important thing in the world to have a 22 inch waist like Victoria Beckham’s. (Or maybe it was and I never really paid any attention to it until now?)

I understand that loosing weight for the right reasons is normal; because I am one of those people who is finally loosing the weight for myself. But what I don’t really understand is how something like weight loss starts off as a completely normal activity can become a very unhealthy and dangerous obsession. When does your goal weight become not good enough?

In the last year I have been loosing weight in what I think is the most healthy way for my body; and the more I’ve lost the more I’ve noticed the unhealthy obsessions and lengths that people my age are taking part in to lose weight around their waists. I think the 6359707676214865611091769868_a4-challenge-660x400worst one to happen this year came from China; essentially teenage girls were holding a piece of A4 paper vertically over their midriff to show off how thin they were and then it became something it shouldn’t have done. Teenage girls started using the width of the paper to determine how wide their waists should be. Apparently it was something that they challenged themselves to achieve the ‘A4 sized waist’ with the end result being the girls looking anorexic.

Why can’t beauty be defined as something that comes from within? Will it always be defined by what the label in a pair of trousers or a t-shirt says? Will we always need a scale to determine how healthy we are?




One thought on “Obsessed

  1. sadly it’s one of those things companies worldwide actually enjoy, because it keeps them in business. It’s up to the people to take a stand, especially against advertisements.


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