Eyes are the window to the soul. The meaning behind this quote is that when you look into someone’s eyes, like your partner’s, you are able to see their soul. We can see who they are as a person. To me this is a very romantic idea because I’d like to able to look into my future partners eyes and see who the real person behind their bravado is. On the other hand, like a window frame when you look out into the world through out eyes, we’re seeing with our souls but we are seeing the world through a framework, kind of like a window, that limits what can be seen.

In my family having blue eyes is more common than any other colour because we are descended from vikings who had blonde hair and blue eyes. But my Nan and I are the odd one’s out because we both have hazel (green) coloured eyes. In a way it makes me stand out amongst my friends and family especially because I have several bleeds in my eyes. Kind of like Madeline McCan’s eyes but more like flecks of colour. (I have these bleeds because of an accident I was involved in two years ago.)

It’s not something that anyone notices because I’m overweight but I love having green eyes because it’s a very unique and desirable eye colour to have. My green eyes are the only feature that I’m not insecure about because it’s the only thing about myself that I can’t do anything about unless I wanted to wear contact lenses that change your eye colour which is an idea that still confuses me because it’s very creepy and unnerving to have any other eye colour but green, brown or blue.

I mean who would want to have scarlet red eyes like Voldemort just because they can?




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