Slimming World Diaries – Week 1

Dear friends,

This week marks the end of my first week as a member of Slimming World and I’m very proud to tell you that I’ve lost 1.5lbs. Sure, it’s not what I expected but it’s a good number to start with and when it’s added to the amount of weight I’ve already lost it takes me up to a grand total of 61.5lbs of weight lost in the last four months. Given how badly I’ve done with weight loss in the past I am beyond proud of what I’ve achieved so far this year.

For the last few weeks my weight has been very stubborn about coming off; nothing I did would make the pounds shift. I needed more than working out in the gym and eating as healthily as I can to achieve my goal of being able to walk into any clothes shop and not feel embarrassed because they don’t have my size. Joining Slimming World is my last hope, I need this to work to be able to achieve my goal weight.

I drove to my first meeting with my belly full of butterflies. What if I was the youngest person there? What if I was the biggest person in the room? What if I’m the only new member joining that week? What if it was like Weight Watchers all over again? All of these unanswerable questions had been flooding my brain for most of the day; not having answers did nothing to calm my nerves. I hadn’t felt this nervous since my first day at college.

My first weigh in was okay, I didn’t feel depressed or angry about the number on the scales. I felt proud of myself because although I’m still not a healthy weight; I’m not the beyond overweight person I used to be, which, given my history with being weighed regularly, is a very big achievement.

The first full week of being on the Slimming World plan has been pretty good. I was surprised by what, how much and how often I can eat on the plan. No part of the plan makes me feel like I’m on a restrictive diet. I haven’t had to cut out my Minstrels, Refreshers or Mega Double Lollies and I can eat them as often as I want to without feeling guilty about it which is a big relief.

It hasn’t been easy to plan every single meal down to the last detail every week but it has made shopping a lot easier because I used to have a very bad habit of buying stuff that I know I won’t eat and will find in a few years at the bottom of the freezer. (Because that’s what freezers are made for, right?)

Hopefully the end result of my second week will be better than this week!




2 thoughts on “Slimming World Diaries – Week 1

  1. Congratulations on your progress! Hope you are full of positivity and find that each pound that is dropped is satisfying but most importantly that it keeps you motivated to continue on this journey. 😊


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