Slimming World Diaries – Week Two

Dear friends,


Thursday marked the end of my second week as a Slimming World member and I’ve learnt something very important. Always make sure you wear the same shoes for your weekly weigh in because it really does affect the scales if you don’t. I made the mistake of wearing steel toe capped boots and it added two pounds of weight! I won’t be making that mistake again in a hurry.

This week I lost one pound which is really good because it means that  I’m finally heading in the right direction by not gaining or maintaining weight each week. I’m wasn’t disappointed in my loss until I spoke to my group leader after group was over for the night. It wasn’t the most encouraging conversation I’ve had with anyone.

Essentially what she probably thought was very helpful advice that would help me to improve my weight loss numbers came across as more of a lecture and not encouraging in the slightest. Basically she looked over my food diary for the week and told me that I could lose even more weight every week if I doubled the amount of vegetables I eat at every meal. This is true and something that I could very easily do; but there is one very big reason why I probably won’t do that.

One of the main rules about Slimming World is that the only limitation is your appetite. I don’t have the biggest appetite in the world and that’s my biggest hurdle. I only eat two meals a day, always breakfast and dinner, because eating any more than that leaves me feeling sick. I sometimes snack on fruit or a packet of pop chips in between because I know that it will fill me up without actually filling me up. So, unless I want to only eat a plate of vegetables every evening the chances of me doubling my vegetable intake are really slim.

When I joined three weeks ago I had a very stubborn four pounds that I was determined to lose because it meant another stone lost. I decided that if I could lose that weight in the first four weeks I would keep going with Slimming World until I reached my target weight.

At the moment I’ve lost two and a half pounds in weight and I’m on week three which means that I’m pretty much where I want to be despite people telling me that I need to do more and that I’m eating vegetables wrong by mixing them into meals. (That’s my completely unsupportive Granddad’s opinion on what I’m doing to change my life.)

I mean some people are able to lose seven stone in less than a year, which is amazing and very motivational but not because I want to lose that much weight so quickly. I need to loose seven stone but I don’t want to do it so quickly that I end up with saggy skin which happens to a lot of people when they lose a large amount of weight in a short space of time.

I would love to lose more than that every week but right now I’m still adjusting to life as a former extreme binge eater, learning which fruit and vegetables I actually enjoy eating and getting used to having fruit as snacks and vegetables with every evening meal so the chances of me loosing more than a pound at the moment are slim to say the least.

Is there anything wrong with me wanting to lose a healthy amount of weight every week instead of intentionally losing close to a stone every week?




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