Slimming World Update and Weight Loss Goals

Dear friends,


So, in a week when Donald Trump became the president of the United States, I lost 2.5lbs. On top of that I finally got my 1 stone award by 0.5lbs; I would’ve gotten it the week before but frustratingly I stepped on the scales only to find that I had managed to lose 0.5lbs. To say I was annoyed is a massive understatement.

Despite my disappointment at the scales, I did learn something quite important to the success of my weight loss journey that I probably should’ve known when I started at Slimming World. It’s the reason why I’ve managed to lose four stone more than once in the last two years.

For me stress has a bigger impact on my weight losses than anything else; it doesn’t matter how much exercise I do. If I don’t stress or worry about what’s going to happen when I stand on the scales at the end of each week, I get bigger losses. Knowing this is all well and good until Wednesday night, which I’ve started calling Wednesday Night Worries, that’s when I poke, prod and pinch myself while looking in the mirror and come to the conclusion that I haven’t lost anything at all that week.

My weight loss goal for the end of this year is to lose another 10kgs, which will mean that I will have lost 40kgs in one year, (40kgs/88lbs/6 stone 4lbs). As of right now I have lost 29.9kgs (29.9kgs/66lbs/4 stone 10lbs), which means that I only need to lose 10.1kgs (10kgs/22lbs/1 stone 8lbs) to achieve my goal. Now, given that I’ve only ever managed to lose about 4 stone up until now, the thought of being able to tell people that I’ve lost 6 stone in less than a year would be amazing.

Losing 6 stone won’t be the end of my weight loss journey because I will still have another 5 stone 7lbs (34kgs/77lbs/5 stone 7lbs) to lose before I will be anywhere near a healthy weight range. It would be a great start to 2017 knowing that I have a very achievable amount of weight left to lose.

That will be a total of 74kgs/16lbs/11 stone 9lbs lost in about two years, and as a person who has struggled for most of their life with food addiction, compulsive eating and depression that would be an achievement that would prove that you should never judge a book by its cover.


Gennie xxx





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