About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Gennie, I am twenty-one years old. I live in the stereotype of a village where everyone knows everyone and everything that’s going on in everyone’s personal lives thanks to the only shop in the village. I suppose you could say that it’s sort of like living in Emmerdale, only on a much bigger scale. A lot of the people were born, raised, lived, and eventually die in the village, very few are brave enough to venture out of the village into the city more than once a year.

I am a very simple person in the way I present myself to the outside world, you won’t find me wearing a jewell encrusted dress with matching high heels and handbag, my face is never plastered in make-up, I’d rather dress in a way that gets me attention for all the right reasons. I tried several different names for my blog but nothing seemed simple enough, the last thing I wanted was my blog being too complicated and all over the place.

This is why Just A Simple Country Girl was born.